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Empowering Teaching Excellence 

E-Learning Workshop

May 21 - 23, 2018, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Logan Campus | Huntsman Hall 126 

The Empowering Teaching Excellence E-Learning Workshop is sponsored by the Center for Innovative Design and Instruction (CIDI) and Academic and Instructional Services (AIS).

This three-day event provides a hands-on deep dive into the teaching tools and methodologies of online, broadcast, blended, and flipped instruction. Day 1 features sessions on e-learning pedagogy and course mapping, with in-session, peer-supported work time. Day 2 features breakout sessions on technology tools followed by interactive sessions on student engagement. Day 3 features sessions on course implementation and assessment practices, with opportunities to provide feedback to USU's e-learning instructional support team on current initiatives.

The lunches and the company are great, but enrollment is capped at 30, so apply early.

Who Should Attend?

  • Instructors who want to improve the quality and efficiency of their course.
  • Instructors looking for new and innovative approaches to eLearning.
  • Instructors who want to become E-Learning leaders in their field. 

No longer accepting applications. This event has met capacity.

Please contact Travis Thurston for additional information:

Workshop Schedule

Time Topic Intro and Activities Room Facilitator/Presenter
9:00 am Welcome   HH 126 Neal Legler
9:10 am Ice Breaker Quality Assurance card game HH 126 Travis Thurston
9:40 am Workshop Goals How will you meet your goal in the next three days? HH 126 Travis Thurston
9:50 am Pedagogy Primer Expectations HH 146A Neal Legler
    Engagement: Instructor is a Competitive Advantage HH 146B Erin Wadsworth-Anderson
Context & Content Analysis HH 146C Elisa Taylor
Evaluation: Utilizing Formative & Summative Assessments HH 146D Debbie Pearson
Alignment: Objectives, Content, Activities, & Assessment - Activities/Content HH 146E Amy Carpenter
Activity/Experience: Scaffolding the Student Experience HH 126 Travis Thurston
10:20 am Report to Groups Group share HH 126  
10:45 am Student Analysis Getting to Know USU Students HH 126 Neal Legler & Travis Thurston
11:00 am Break
11:15 am Autonomy-Support Learning Environments & Teaching Fieldtrip Travis Thurston
Noon Lunch on the O.C. Tanner Terrace
1:00 pm Syllabus Intentional Syllabus: Setting Expectations for Student Success HH 126 Mitchell Colver
2:10 pm Canvas Breakouts Canvas Basics HH 124 Elisa Taylor
    Intro to Design Tools BUS 115 Jennifer Paskett
Advanced Design Tools BUS 120 Erin Wadsworth-Anderson
2:20 pm Break
2:30 pm Canvas Things you might not know about Canvas, but should. HH 126 Neal Legler
3:30 pm Roadmap Reflection Top takeaways HH 126 Travis Thurston
Time Topic Intro and Activities Room Facilitator/Presenter
9:00 am Workshop Goals Plan for day 2  HH 126 Travis Thurston
9:10 am Breakouts (2 sessions) Adapting Hands-on Learning Experiences using Video - IVC HH 120 Max Longhurst

35 min session 

10 min break

35 min session

Grading & Feedback as a Teaching Tool - Online HH 220 Courtney Stewart
Engaging Students in the First 5-minutes of Class - IVC HH 222 Rose Judd-Murray
Incorporating Service Learning in a Broadcast Course - IVC HH 126 Roslynn Brain McCann
10:30 am Break
10:40 am Breakouts (2 sessions) Retrieval Practice as a Learning Strategy - IVC, Online/Blended HH 120 Amy Carpenter

35 min session 

10 min break

35 min session

Turnitin to an Assignment - IVC, Online/Blended HH 220 Debbie Pearson
Online Discussion for Higher-Order Engagement - Online HH 126 Travis Thurston & Erin Wadsworth-Anderson
Library E-Learning Tools: Developing Student Research Skills - IVC, Online/Blended HH 222 Teagan Eastman
Noon Lunch on the O.C. Tanner Terrace
1:00 pm Breakouts (2 sessions) Usable & Accessible Canvas Content - IVC, Online/Blended HH 120 Christopher Phillips

35 min session 

10 min break

35 min session

The Person Speaking is the Person Learning: Facilitating Classroom Discussion Over Broadcast - IVC HH 220 Mitchell Colver
Engaging Student Learning through Feedback - IVC HH 222 Beth McDonald
Minimalism in Online Teaching - Online HH 126 Kevin Reeve
2:20 pm Break
2:30 pm Group Discussion Share your insights with group HH 126 Travis Thurston
3:00 pm Roadmap Reflection Top takeaways HH 126 Travis Thurston
Time Topic Intro and Activities Room Facilitator/Presenter
9:00 am Workshop Goals Plan for day 3 HH 126 Travis Thurston
9:15 am Activity Creation Consider new activity creation strategies & ARCS Model HH 126 Kit Mohr & Travis Thurston
10:00 am Group Activity Challenge Create 1 Engaging Learning Activity   Instructional Designers
    Group 1 HH 120 Amy Carpenter
Group 2 HH 220 Elisa Taylor
Group 3 HH 126 Erin Wadsworth-Anderson
Group 4 HH 222 Jennifer Paskett
Group 5 HH 280 Neal Legler
Noon Lunch on the O.C. Tanner Terrace
1:00 pm Share Activities Share & post to Canvas course    
2:00 pm ETE 10 and Badges Introduce & submit a reflection for the Engage badge HH 126 Travis Thurston
  ETE Grant & Journal HH 126 John Louviere
2:30 pm Wrap Up Did you meet your goal? HH 126 Travis Thurston
3:00 pm Certificates   HH 126 Larry Smith


"I learned so many practical things and got a chance to think about some of the big issues as well. It is really encouraging that the university clearly values this kind of teaching by its regular faculty; I feel it signals an important way in which USU is different from a lot of higher-ed institutions in its commitment to giving faculty the tools they need and the opportunities they want to progress in their careers as teachers (even when they are research-primary in their appointments)."
- Alexa Sand, Associate Professor, Art History

"Just bending my head around the demands of a non-traditional classroom was the biggest thing I got out of the workshop, especially what to import from the face-to-face version of my class, and more important, what not to. What I learned was that online and distance students need my time and attention the same way students in a traditional classroom do...but having experts sitting next to me, listening to my goals and struggles, and showing me how to surmount obstacles helped enormously."
- Mark Damen, Professor, Department of History 

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