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Empowering Teaching Excellence 10 

ETE 10 Program

ETE 10 is aligned with the mission statement of Utah State University "by fostering the principle that academics comes first" and to the mission of Empowering Teaching Excellence program "to elevate and promote our culture of teaching excellence" here at USU. This voluntary program sponsored by Academic and Instructional Services (AIS) is designed for tenure track and non-tenure track faculty, lecturers, clinical faculty, professional practice faculty, and graduate instructors. Participants in the ETE 10 program earn digital badges, or microcredentials, based on reflection and documentation of teaching-related professional development experiences, and can earn two culminating certificates.

How the Program Works

The badge review submissions are now being accepted, and badges are now being awarded to ETE10 Processqualifying applicants. 

  • Most Engage badges will involve attending an event or experience and submitting a reflection statement.
  • Most Implement badges will involve implementing a deliberate change or intervention in your teaching, sharing with another, and reporting your efforts and results.
  • Contribute badges will be provided for sharing your ideas, practices, and research with others through conference or workshop presentation or journal publication.

The program has 3 basic steps for completion: Enroll, Submit badges, Earn certificates. This is accomplished by participating in teaching-centered experiences (listed below), completing badge requiements, submitting for badge review, and claiming badges. Learn more about this process in the ETE 10 Frequently Asked Questions.

Following the structure of Bloom's Taxonomy, Engage badges are considered on lower-level knowledge building, Implement badges are more application based, and Contribute badges represent higher order development. Therefore, the Teaching Scholar Certificate focuses more on the Engage badges, while the Master Teacher Certificate places more emphasis on the Contribute badges. Note that the Teaching Scholar Certificate must be earned before earning the Master Teacher Certificate.

Each of the ETE 10 certificates requires 10 badges (as the name of the program indicates). However, there are different requirements on the type of badges needed to earn each of the certificates (Teaching Scholar Certificate = 1 Contribute, 3 Implement, 6 Engage  &  Master Teacher Certificate = 3 Contribute, 3 Implement, 4 Engage).

Please contact Travis Thurston with questions about the ETE 10 Program: 435-797-4950 or

Participate in Teaching-Centered Experiences

Each teaching-centered experience has at least one badge available depending on how the experience relates to teaching. For example, the Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference has all three of the badge types available, while the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence only has one available. Please feel free to skim through the experiences that are available, and click on the name of the badge to view more details.

Each badge can be earned an unlimited number of times by completing the requirements andsubmitting the Badge Review form. However, some badges have a limit (example: E-Learning Workshop Engage badge can only be earned up to 2 times) and some badges are awarded automatically (example: Faculty Seminar Series Contribute badge) as identified in the list below.
*Denotes experiences that are highly recommended

  • This event will energize and inspire you as you begin the next teaching year. Presentations are faculty submitted, faculty led, and focused on teaching innovations that have worked well here at USU. Topics and presenters span multiple disciplines and delivery formats. Invitees include all who teach at USU, regardless of role statement or campus, including graduate student instructors and teaching assistants.


    Offered in August -
  • The E-Learning focus covers online, blended, and enhanced courses that use all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. The workshop is a gathering of instructors who have an interest in using technologies effectively to deliver pedagogical techniques in blended models and learner-focused instruction.


    Offered in May -
Engage - earn up to 2
  • The Faculty Seminar Series features speakers selected from USU's faculty and occasional visiting guest speakers. Topics pertain to various aspects of effective teaching and primarily focus on practical application, learned through experience, by seasoned teachers. 


    Offered both Fall and Spring semesters -
Contribute - auto awarded
  • Meet with an Instructional Designer for an individualized session. Services include coaching on effective teaching strategies, improving course organization or structure, training on Canvas or other ed-tech tools, and much more. 


    Available upon request -
  • Foundations of USU Teaching is a cohort-based program for new instructor development. The workshop focuses on helping new faculty to prepare effective syllabi and appropriately set classroom expectations, prepare for end-of-semester teaching evaluations, learn how student characteristics and demographics affect and influence the teaching/learning environment, learn to use teaching resources such as Canvas and the library, and apply principles of effective teaching. 


    Offered in August -
Engage - earn up to 2
Contribute - auto awarded
  • Foundations Forum events focus on specific subjects and occur throughout the year. These sessions supplement the August Foundations event and focus on topics helpful to the cohort, such as student engagement, faculty resources and more.


    Offered both Fall and Spring semesters in conjunction with Faculty Seminars.
Contribute - auto awarded
      • Writing Objectives
          • Includes the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy to create meaningful course and learning objectives and aligning your objectives with IDEA objectives.
      • Introduction to Canvas
          • Focuses on Canvas basics with breakout sessions as needed on more advanced topics, such as grading, advanced content editing, and communication tools.
      • Flipping the Classroom
          • A review of tips and techniques for helping students access content outside of class to free class-time for greater student engagement. Also applies to blended learning.
      • Introduction to Online Teaching
          • Take a look at what you will need to work on in order to teach online. Moving from a face-to-face format to online can be difficult. This workshop will ease the transition.
      • Planning an Online Course
          • There are many elements that come into play when creating an online course. This workshop will help you get organized as you work toward starting and completing your online course.
      • Online Accessibility
          • As courses are going online in droves we must be aware of those students who may be unable to use the online course as we have planned. This workshop will help you create a course that is ready for anything.


Offered both Fall and Spring semesters -
Engage - earn up to 6
    • The Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence accepts proposals from instructors and other higher education professionals to promote, share, and discuss emerging ideas in teaching and learning. Earn a Contribute badge by having your proposal accepted and your presentation published.


Learn more online -
Contribute - auto awarded
  • The ETE program is organized by a committee made up of faculty representatives who help determine topics, guest speakers, and also provide insight, ideas, and support as needed. Members of the committee serve for two years and receive a Contribute badge at their one year mark.


    Learn more online -
Contribute - auto awarded
  • As a service unit, AIS provides support for a wide range of initiatives and programs. Under direction of the Executive Vice President and Provost, AIS provides the administration of three different grant opportunities for Utah State University faculty. Receiving the grant and completing the proposed work qualifies for an Implement badge. 


    Learn more and apply online -
Implement - auto awarded
  • An Online Instructor Certification course focusing on course development and online teaching strategies. Both badges for this experience can be earned unlimited times. 


    Offered Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Contact CIDI for more details.
Engage - auto awarded
  • The Open Education Resources badge encourages the use of open educational resources (OER). OER are teaching, learning, and research resources released under an open license that permits their free use and repurposing by others. These can include open access scholarly and educational resources and texts that faculty create themselves. 

    The goal of the badge is to incentivize faculty members to adopt, adapt, and create alternatives to high priced commercial textbooks. The tiers will be determined by whether projects focus on revising and remixing resources to creating new open content or projects that result in substantially new open textbooks. Encouraging faculty members to create or adapt OER reduces cost barriers and allows every student immediate and unlimited access to learning materials from day one of a class.

    Offered Spring, Summer and Fall semesters -
    • All three of the badges for this experience can be earned an unlimited number of times.


Offered at various times -
Contribute - auto awarded
  • Prepares graduate students for college teaching. Students learn to prepare study guides, examinations, and lectures, and learn to use audio-visual aids. Students also examine various current methods of instruction and course evaluation schemes. 


    Traditionally offered Fall, Spring and Summer semesters - USU Catalog
  • The Graduate Training Series (GrTS) is an opportunity for USU’s graduate students to augment their studies with professional development that will prepare them for the next steps along their career paths. With experts from across campus, grad students from all disciplines gather to develop skillsets that will set them apart as strong professionals in their fields. 


    Offered at various times -
  • Peer Reviewed Course Evaluation as per individual department requirements.
  • On-campus workshops or conferences outside of what CIDI and ETE offer which focused on teaching may be general or disciplinary-based. The experience may be a conference session that is a larger part of a scholarly meeting.
  • Off-campus workshops or conferences focused on teaching may be general or disciplinary-based. The experience may be a conference session that is a larger part of a scholarly meeting.

Teaching Philosophy

After completion of the ten experiences, participants will prepare a 1-2 page written teaching philosophy. A teaching philosophy statement schould communicate your approach to instruction and describe your primary goals as a teacher, advisor and mentor. This statement can take the form of a narrative or an op-ed piece, and please consider submitting your teaching philosophy for publication in the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence.
See suggestions for structuring a teaching philosophy statement and view examples:

Enrollment and Certificates

Start your journey in ETE 10 by completing the enrollment form which allows CIDI to provide ongoing support as you progress through the program. Upon request, prior experiences (as far back as Summer 2014) can be retroactively applied toward completion of the program. Upon earning 10 badges, please complete the Certificate Review form and attach your teaching philosophy (for Teaching Scholar certificate). Once the completion form has been reviewed and approved by CIDI and the ETE Faculty Committee, participants will receive a certificate signed by the Executive Vice Provost and Dean of Academic and Instructional Services, Dr. Robert Wagner, to confirm completion of the program.

Get Started Now

Submit Badge Review
Submit the Badge Review form upon completing requirements for each badge.

Submit Certificate Review
After earning the required number and type of badges, submit the Certificate Review form.
*Teaching Philosophy should be completed and prepared to upload if submitting for the Teaching Scholar Certificate

View ETE 10 Frequently Asked Questions

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