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Empowering Teaching Excellence 

Seminar Series

The Empowering Teaching Excellence Seminar Series features speakers selected from USU's faculty and occasional visiting guest speakers. Topics pertain to various aspects of effective teaching and primarily focus on practical application, learned through experience, by seasoned teachers. 


1 March 30, 3:30 - 4:30 PM, LIB 154 (Logan Campus)
Faculty Seminar

Competency Based Education: Separating Fact from Fiction

Matthew Pellish, Senior Director of Strategic Research and Education, Education Advisory Board

MOOCs are a thing of the past, and many parties within and outside of higher education (media, government entities, foundations) have turned their attention to competency-based education (CBE). As with MOOCs, the hope is that CBE will lower costs, increase access, and improve outcomes—and the fear is that those who don't adopt it will lose relevance and market share if new programs scale quickly.

Feeling beset by "disruption" fatigue—but fearful of dismissing a model with the potential to spur gains in enrollment and student success—higher education leaders are struggling with how fast and how far their institutions should venture into CBE.

Based on interviews with over 100 experts and practitioners, this presentation aims to separate the hype from what's really working. We examine CBE's primary objectives, the most prevalent myths in the field, and which factors are likely to accelerate CBE's competitive threat to current higher education programs.

 In This Session, Members Will Learn… 

  • What lessons have CBE's early adopters learned from their experiences? 
  • Under what circumstances, and for what institutions, is personalized learning the right fit for an institution? 
  • What pedagogical elements of competency-based education can be replicated within traditional program structures? 

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