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The Empowering Teaching Excellence program elevates and promotes our culture of teaching excellence through events and programs that are open to all USU instructors, regardless of role statement or location. The ETE Program:

  • Brings together instructors from across the USU system to showcase and share evidence-based teaching practices.
  • Provides training, grant, and recognition opportunities for instructors to further encourage teaching innovation and improvement.
  • Connects instructors with helpful resources and mentors.


Upcoming Event

ETE Seminar: Dr. Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Thursday, October 3, 2019 | HH 270 Logan Campus and broadcast Statewide

Humanizing Learning with Digital Tools

“As colleges and universities move towards serving broader student populations, our teaching and learning environments must change to support their success. Diverse student populations require learning environments that provide options and use digital tools to mindfully cultivate a sense of belonging for students. This presentation will examine specific pedagogical approaches that leverage digital tools to create inclusivity and support learner variability. Believe it or not – technology can inspire greater connections between you and your students!”

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ETE Coordinator

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