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E-Learning Workshop

May 20 - 22, 2019, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Logan Campus | 

The Empowering Teaching Excellence E-Learning Workshop is sponsored by the Center for Innovative Design and Instruction (CIDI) and Academic and Instructional Services (AIS).

This three-day event provides a hands-on deep dive into the teaching tools and methodologies of online, broadcast, blended, and flipped instruction. Day 1 features sessions on e-learning pedagogy and course mapping, with in-session, peer-supported work time. Day 2 features breakout sessions on technology tools followed by interactive sessions on student engagement. Day 3 features sessions on course implementation and assessment practices, with opportunities to provide feedback to USU's e-learning instructional support team on current initiatives.

The lunches and the company are great, but enrollment is capped at 30, so apply early.

Who Should Attend?

  • Instructors who want to improve the quality and efficiency of their course.
  • Instructors looking for new and innovative approaches to eLearning.
  • Instructors who want to become E-Learning leaders in their field. 

Accepting applications beginning in March 2019.

Please contact Travis Thurston for additional information:


"I learned so many practical things and got a chance to think about some of the big issues as well. It is really encouraging that the university clearly values this kind of teaching by its regular faculty; I feel it signals an important way in which USU is different from a lot of higher-ed institutions in its commitment to giving faculty the tools they need and the opportunities they want to progress in their careers as teachers (even when they are research-primary in their appointments)."
- Alexa Sand, Associate Professor, Art History

"Just bending my head around the demands of a non-traditional classroom was the biggest thing I got out of the workshop, especially what to import from the face-to-face version of my class, and more important, what not to. What I learned was that online and distance students need my time and attention the same way students in a traditional classroom do...but having experts sitting next to me, listening to my goals and struggles, and showing me how to surmount obstacles helped enormously."
- Mark Damen, Professor, Department of History 

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