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Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 9am - 3pm

Logan Campus, Taggart Student Centerete conference

We are excited to announce the 4th annual Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference at Utah State University. This event will energize and inspire you as you begin the next teaching year. Presentations are faculty submitted, faculty led, and focused on teaching innovations that have worked well right here at USU. Topics and presenters span multiple disciplines and delivery formats. Invitees include all who teach at USU, regardless of role statement or campus, including graduate student instructors and teaching assistants. Here are some things you can expect:

  • Opportunities to network with other USU teachers.
  • A chance to formally share your teaching ideas and innovations with others.
  • Insightful breakout sessions.
  • Graduate Student Instructor Track
  • Showcase examples of well-built instructional products.
  • Interactive roundtable discussions.
  • Staff on hand to help you with questions about Canvas and other tools.
  • Updates on the latest improvements in educational technologies.
  • A free lunch!
This conference is well attended, enjoyable, and comfortable.
Register today! We look forward to seeing you there. 


Keynote Speaker:

Kelli Munns, Equine Science Center, College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Kelli Munns at the Equine Science Center.Targeted Outcomes for Mastery Learning

Canvas and other tools provide instructors the opportunity to target learning goals, check for understanding, and evaluate their instruction. This session addresses how to develop effective learning outcomes by selecting measurable verbs from the appropriate cognitive domains. These learning outcomes become the connection between what is taught, what is assessed (and how it is assessed), and what is ultimately learned.  Once they are established, learning outcomes can be incorporated into Canvas, linked to assignments, and graded in a mastery learning grading scheme, thus providing educators with reliable data and granting more accountability to students in their learning.

Speaker Bio

Kelli Munns is a lead lecturer and English Equestrian Team coach at the Equine Science Center. Her teaching career began in science education for secondary public schools, where she developed expertise in mastery learning, curriculum mapping, reliable assessment design, leadership in professional learning communities, and formative data analysis. At USU, she has applied these principles to the Equine program, mapping course and program curriculum based upon established outcomes and incorporating mastery learning principles.


Registration and Check-In 
201 Ballroom - Taggart Student Center (view map)
9:15 – 9:30 Welcoming Remarks and Keynote Introduction
Noelle Cockett
President, Utah State University
9:30 – 10:05 General Session Keynote - Targeted Outcomes for Mastery Learning
Kelli Munns
Lead Lecturer, Animal Dairy and Veterinary Sciences, College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Thanks and Conference Logistics
Travis Thurston
Senior Instructional Designer, Academic & Instructional Services
Breakout Sessions
10:30 – 11:05
Learn. Teach. Lead. It's a Two-way Street
Denise Stewardson
Professor, College of Agricultre and Applied Sciences

(201 Ballroom A)

Model Effective Teaching, Student Engagement Track

In this hands-on session, you will learn innovative strategies that engage and motivate students. You will model activities for classroom teaching and learning, and explore how to integrate these strategies into your course instruction.
Pop Culture Integration in the Classroom
Jason Olsen
Assistant Professor, 
Division of Arts and Sciences, USU Eastern
(201 Ballroom B)

Workshop, Student Engagement Track

In this session, you will learn the secret to the use of effective popular culture integration in the classroom is for instructors to both value their own personal interests and passions, and to similarly respect and learn about the interests of their students. 
Online Student Engagemetn: A Few Ideas
Ryan Seedall
Assitant Professor, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services
(Auditorium, 227)

Informational, Student Engagement Track

In this session, you will learn four practical strategies for engaging students in an online course and identify the benefits and challenges of each engagement strategy.
Self-Graded Assignments
Nicole Vance
Clinical Assistant Professor, 
College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
(Senate Chambers, 336)

Informational, Student Engagement Track

In this session you will learn at least 2 ways self-graded assignments have been beneficial for interns in the USU DI and identify an assignment in your own program that may be appropriate for student self-grading.
Learn Canvas Basics
Elisa Taylor
Instructional Designer, Academic & Instructional Services

(Center Colony, 221)

Workshop/Bring Your Own Device, Content, Resources and Tools Track

In this session, you will learn Canvas basics like: how to create an assignment and allow online submission to utilize the plagiarism checker, how to use the SpeedGrader for grading student work, sending announcements to students to communicate about class-related information and events, accessing online library resources, and putting your Canvas dashboard to work for you.
Exhibit Booths
Breakout Sessions
11:15 – 11:50
Library Confidential: What Librarians Know About Your Students, and How it Can Impact Your Teaching
Rachel Wishkoski, Reference and Instruction Librarian
Pamela Martin, Coordinator for Outreach and Peer Learning
Kacy Lundstrom, Head of Reference & Instruction
Utah State University Libraries

(201 Ballroom A)

Informational, Student Engagement Track

You will learn common questions, challenges, and successes your students have interacting with library services and materials. In addition to librarians sharing their information about how students study, research, and learn in our online and physical library environments, you will be invited to share your thoughts about student learning.
Powering Up your Online Discussions: How Scaffolds and Hashtags can Lead to Deeper-Learning and Engagement in Online Discussions 
Courtney Stewart, Assistant Professor, Emma Eccles Jone College of Education and Human Services
Travis Thurston, Senior Instructional Designer, Academic & Instructional Services
(201 Ballroom B)

Informational, Course Design Strategies Track

In this session you will learn how to effectively implement Digital Power-ups within Salmon's 5 stage approach to scaffolding online discussions. Participants will be led through exercises utilizing digital power-ups, and learn how to create and facilitate their own engaging online discussions. The presenters will also share their own recent research based on their successful implementation of these approaches in online courses at Utah State University.
Collaborating Across the Miles to Coordinate Service Learning Opportunities for RC Students: An innovative approach
Jen Evers, Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Work,
Jessica Lucero, MSW Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
(Senate Champbers, 336)

Panel/Discussion, Course Design Strategies Track

We hope this will illustrate the importance and efficacy of coordinating teaching efforts between Logan faculty and RC faculty.  We will discuss logistical concerns, challenges, and problem-solving that took place throughout this course as well as the outcomes with regard to student and community satisfaction/perception.  
Intro to CIDI Labs Design Tools
Erin Wadsworth-Anderson, Instructional Designer
Academic & Instructional Services
(Center Colony, 221)

Workshop/Bring Your Own Device, Course Design Strategies Track

In this session, you will learn how to use CIDILabs Design Tools to create eye-catching front pages, build modules in minutes, and get your entire course looking sleek and ready for content.  
Exhibit Booths
12:00 – 1:00:   Networking Lunch
Breakout Sessions
1:00 – 1:35
USU Faculty-led Study Abroad Information Session
Monika Galvydis
Program Coordinator, Study Abroad, Office of Global Engagement
(201 Ballroom A)

Informational, Course Design Strategies Track

Faculty-led study abroad programs are valuable and enriching for both students and faculty, and can be developed for any discipline. Learn the steps involved to create a new program and gain insights from other experienced faculty leaders.
Taking Pedagogical Risks: Why It Matters
Mary Ellen Greenwood, Lecturer
Bonnie Moore, Lecturer
Susan Andersen, Senior Lecturer & Associate Director of USU Writing Center
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
(201 Ballroom B)

Model Effective Teaching, Student Engagement Track

In this session, we will focus on risk taking as teachers in the classroom as a way of encouraging students to take their own risks with their learning.
Learning is a Process, Not an Event: Can Modifying Your Assessment Structure Improve Student Learning?
Kami Dupree
ProfessorEmma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services
(Auditorium, 227)

Informational, Course Design Strategies Track

In this session you will learn what is Learning Analytics and the potential information it offers to guide our courses and programs. We will also discuss the problems that impede the use "Big Data" and what are some possible solutions in avoiding them.
Using Learning Analytics from Canvas to Document Teaching and Learning
Kevin Reeve, Director Teaching and Learning Technology
Meghan Lewis, Data Analyst
Academic and Instrustional Services
(Classroom, 335)

Informational, Content, Resources, and Tools Track

  • Understand typical student behaviors in classes.
  • Understand what visualizations can be produced for faculty to document their teaching and learning taking place in Canvas.
Learning Menus: Freedom and Structure for Student Engagement
Karin deJonge-Kann, Co-director, Principal Lecturer
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
(Senate Champbers, 336)

Informational, Course Design Strategies Track

In this session, you will learn about the rationale and outcomes of an approach that promotes learner autonomy and student engagement through the use of Learning Menus. You will be introduced to samples of instructor-designed learning menus and student-generated learning logs as well as creative products that demonstrate student learning.
Things You Probably Don't Know About Canvas, but Should
Neal Legler, Director of the Center for Innovative Design and Instruction
Academic & Instructional Services
(Center Colony, 221)

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Exhibit Booths
Breakout Sessions
1:45 – 2:20
Creating Student Life Relevant Instruction
Rodney Marchant, Lecturer
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
(201 Ballroom A)

Model Effective Teaching, Course Design Strategies Track

In this session, you will learn to create assignments that are relevant and meaningful to students, that enhance their desire to actively engage in the course at hand.
Is it really worth a thousand words? Image use in the classroom
Jessica Habashi, Senior Lecturer, College of Science
Chandler Whitlock, Student, EEJ College of Education and Human Services

(201 Ballroom B)

Informational, Course Design Strategies Track

In this session, participants will evaluate their own use of images in the classroom and gain an appreciation of how their choices may affect students and the classroom environment. Suggested readings and online resources will be provided.
Sweaty Palms is Not a Resort
Jason Sparks
Senior Product Manager, Assessment Platforms
(Auditorium, 227)

Informational, Teaching & Learning Evaluation

In this session, you will learn how to use effective assessment methods to improve the process.
What can Microsoft Office 365 do for your course?
Tyler Clair, Instructional Tools Administrator
Academic & Instructional Services

(Classroom, 335)

Informational, Content, Resources, and Tools

In this Session, you will learn What is Microsoft Office 365. Tell compelling stories rather than presenting content. Create self-paced dynamic, presentations with screen recordings and interactive questions. Record question answers the activity in the Canvas Gradebook. Provide a space for you and your students to collaborate together. Help your students understand Project Management Incorporate student blogs and other created content. Create forms to collect information.
Beyond the Norm: A Faculty Panel on Collaborating with the Library
Teagan Eastman, Online Learning Librarian
Dylan Burns, Digital Scholarship Librarian
Victoria Grieve, 
Rebecca Charlton,
Utah State University Libraries
(Senate Champbers, 336)

Panel/Discussion, Content, Resources, and Tools

Instructors will be able to improve the quality of their courses, look for new and innovative approaches to teaching and student learning, and be able to create unique student experiences in their courses.
 Exhibit Booths
2:30 – 3:00 Closing Dessert Social
Networking, Vendor Booths, and Prize Giveaways from ETE Conference Sponsors

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