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Empowering Teaching Excellence 

Affiliated Events

1 Friday, December 1, 1:00 - 4:30, Merrill-Cazier Library, Room 101
Revamp Your Assignment An Interdisciplinary Faculty Workshop

As a partner in student learning, the Library is holding an afternoon workshop in which a group of instructors engage in collaborative assignment redesign. This dynamic event will provide an opportunity for intensive peer feedback from an interdisciplinary group of colleagues, including librarians and instructional designers.  Assignments do not need to be research-focused and can be for graduate or undergraduate courses in any department.

 Participant commitment:

  • Attend the entire workshop on Friday, December 1st, 1:00-4:30 pm
  • Bring five print copies of a course assignment for peer review

  Benefits to participants:  

  • Collaborate with peers to give and receive feedback on a major assignment for a course
  • Receive a USU ETE Contribute badge after completing the workshop
  • Learn about opportunities to submit assignments to the peer reviewed National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment’s online assignment library
  • Guidance on how to represent your workshop experience in Promotion & Tenure documentation

 Snacks and drinks provided! 

Spots available until filled.  Apply for your spot today:

 Questions? Contact Kacy Lundstrom: or (435) 797-2285.

 *USU Libraries will fund travel costs for up to six Regional Campus and online instructors interested in attending

Apply Now

Past Events

1 Monday-Friday, May 15-19, 2017
The Mobile Summer Institutes on Undergraduate STEM Education •Creating Points of Transformation in Undergraduate Education

Come explore evidence-based models of instruction for the undergraduate classroom. 

Leave inspired and empowered to transform learning and teaching through evidence-based iterative practice.

Earn an Empowering Teaching Excellence Badge. Participants are eligible to apply for an ETE Affiliated Event “Engage” teaching badge. Read more about the ETE 10 Program.

Registration fee: $140

In 2012, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology projected the need for one million STEM graduates in the coming decade, however less than half of all STEM students successfully complete their degrees. In order to improve graduation rates to meet the needs of our STEM workforce, the council recommended ‘catalyzing widespread adoption of empirically validated teaching practices.’

For over a decade the National Academies Summer Institutes have been training current and future STEM faculty in the best, evidenced-based teaching approaches. The Mobile Summer Institutes are now bringing this proven training paradigm to institutions nationwide to improve adoption of reformed pedagogies. While the institute was developed by biologists and expanded to all STEM disciplines, the fundamental evidence-based methods are gleaned from many disciplines and can be broadly implemented. Therefore, we would like to extend participation to all interested faculty, post docs and graduate students at USU. The more diverse the workshop participants, the better the experience and products.

What will I learn from attending a Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching?

The Summer Institute curriculum enables participants to answer the following questions:

  • What is scientific teaching? What are some challenges I might need to address in implementing scientific teaching strategies?
  • How can I create and sustain a more inclusive learning environment for my students through scientific teaching?
  • How can scientific evidence inform the teaching practices that I implement?
  • How can I use backward design to align learning objectives, assessments, and active learning strategies?
  • What modes of assessment can I use to promote student learning and inform instruction?
  • How does cognitive science research lay the foundation for the scientific teaching approaches and practices to use in my classroom?
  • How can I implement and disseminate scientific teaching in my community?
  • How can I use peer evaluation to drive long-term reflective teaching?
  • What sort of a strategic plan can I make with colleagues to leverage newly gained expertise toward educational reform at USU?

Please apply to join us and the Mobile Summer Institute team as they help us to improve undergraduate education and allow us to benefit from increased levels of student success and retention at USU.

More information about the Summer Institute in general, and MoSI in particular can be found by visiting  

Questions? Contact Becky Williams ( or Lianna Etchberger (

2 Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Destinations II: Planetary Thinking in the Curriculum • Integrating Sustainability more Broadly into USU's Curriculum 2017

   Issues of human sustainability demand attention, inquiry, creativity, and innovation — across all disciplines. A central part of Utah State University’s mission is to educate informed, effective citizens of the world. USU has created this workshop to explore how we can meaningfully integrate sustainability into classrooms and prepare students to lead in a critical era for humanity’s adaptation and health.

 Be prepared for guest speakers, group activities, resources, and good food. All perspectives and disciplines are welcome. Prior experience with sustainability or environmental issues in the classroom or in research is not necessary. Attendees will receive an honorarium of $1000, divided between completion of the workshop and completion of the syllabus and class materials.


  • Develop course content that engage a new level of student and faculty inquiry through sustainability.
  • Establish a community of learning that results in a flexible literacy of sustainability from local to global.
  • Prepare our broader community to identify and meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.

 Participants agree to:

  1. Read materials prior to the workshop.
  2. Participate in the one-day workshop, May 9, 2017.
  3. Prepare and submit a syllabus and teaching materials for the affected course/s by August 25, 2017.
  4. Attend a social event in fall to discuss progress.

Ryan Dupont, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nicholas Flann, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Carlos Licon, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

Contact Alexi Lamm at,, USU Sustainability Coordinator, with additional questions.
Application: please submit a short description of how you plan to change an old course or develop a new one.
Deadline:  March 31, 2017
Successful applicants will be notified by April 7.

3 Friday, April 7, 2017
IDEA Faculty Seminar

   IDEA Faculty Seminar April 7th from 11:00-12:00 in Huntsman Hall 320. Come learn about improving results, using IDEA scores during the annual and tenure review processes, and learn best practices from other faculty members. Hosted by the Office of Analysis, Assessment, and Accreditation. Please contact Peter Crosby with any questions or concerns.

4 Thursday, March 9, 2017 1:30pm-5pm - DE 013 - Broadcast Statewide
Student Thriving Workshop • Dr. Eric McIntosh, Strategic Partnerships Advisor - Civitas Learning

   All faculty, staff, and administrators are welcome, as well as student employees that would benefit from learning more about student development theory.

Student Thriving Workshop Flyer

5 Wednesday, February 15,2017
Veterans 102 Training • Working with students from this unique population

    We now have over 600 veteran, service member, and dependent students in the USU system. The Veterans 102 training is designed to give hands on training when working with students from this unique population. We will have a student panel to share their experiences within the system, classroom, and during transition from military to student life in addition to case-studies on best practices for interacting with students. We will also provide resources and information on how GI Bill, military service, and university policy affect students at USU.  The Veterans 101 training is a pre-requisite for the 102 training. Please contact our office with any questions.

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Past Events

Empowering Teaching Execellence Conference Image

Several past Empowering events have been recorded and are available for viewing. Click the links below to see what has already been shared.

Faculty Seminar Series

Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference

The Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference occurs every August as teachers from the regional campuses, Eastern campuses, and Logan campus gather for departmental retreats. All instructors at USU are invited.