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Empowering Teaching Excellence 10 

ETE 10 Program

ETE 10 is aligned with the mission statement of Utah State University "by fostering the principle that academics comes first" and to the mission of Empowering Teaching Excellence program "to elevate and promote our culture of teaching excellence" here at USU. This voluntary program sponsored by Academic and Instructional Services (AIS) is designed for tenure track and non-tenure track faculty, lecturers, clinical faculty, professional practice faculty, adjunct instructors, and graduate instructors.

Participants in the ETE 10 program earn digital badges, or microcredentials, designed in a three-tiered framework based on documentation of teaching improvement activities, and can earn two culminating certificates.

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ETE10 Basics"Participating in the ETE 10 programs connects you to a community of colleagues who are passionate about teaching and learning.  The greatest benefit for me has been being exposed to such a wide range of excellent teaching practices, and the chance to reflect on and grow in my own teaching philosophy and practice. The badges are a visible sign of my efforts to constantly improve my teaching, and the fact that they're useable in the tenure and promotion processes, was icing on the cake."

-Harrison Kleiner, Assistant Professor
LPCS Department, Logan

ETE10 Basics"I have really benefitted professionally from participating in ETE 10. I have become more mindful about the process of learning new techniques/information, implementing them, and contributing to the larger knowledge base around teaching. I have learned so much from the valuable workshops and presentations (Engage) and my students and I have benefitted from the incorporation of learned skills and techniques (Implement). Participating in this program has really empowered me to become more creative in my approach to teaching and to utilize the resources available to me. ETE 10 has really validated my efforts to continue improving my teaching and gave me new understanding and insight into my teaching philosophy. It is an incredibly valuable experience that benefits educators and students alike!"

-Jen Evers, Clinical Assistant Professor
SSWA Department, Moab 


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Please feel free to contact us with questions about the ETE 10 program, or other related ETE event and program information.

Travis Thurston, Sr. Instructional Designer and ETE Coordinator
Center for Innovative Design and Instruction, AIS

Neal Legler, Director
Center for Innovative Design and Instruction, AIS