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Empowering Teaching Excellence Faculty Development Program

Utah State University is home to excellent teachers.  

We're also known for the resources we provide to help teachers create effective and supportive learning environments. The Empowering Teaching Excellence program elevates and promotes our culture of teaching excellence through events and programs that are open to all USU instructors, regardless of role statement or location.

The ETE program is designed to

  • Bring together instructors from across the USU system to showcase and share best practices
  • Provide training, grant, and recognition opportunities for faculty to further encourage teaching innovation and improvement.
  • Put instructors in touch with helpful resources and mentors.


Fall Faculty Seminar Series

Next Nov. 17, 3:30pm - 5:00 pm, LIB 154 (Logan Campus)
A More Inclusive Classroom: Teaching Every Student.


  • Christopher Phillips, Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator, Academic and Instructional Services

The environment we teach in is evolving. Supporting students with disabilities is now more than just good teaching, it is a legal requirement. The federal government has increased its focus on digital accessibility in higher education. It is putting in place enforcement measures to ensure that institutions and instructors are fulfilling their responsibility to accommodate all learners. While necessary, ensuring accessibility in the learning environment can require time, attention, and resources.

Fortunately, as accessibility laws have received increased attention, USU has responded by putting resources in place to help instructors meet their responsibilities towards every student. This presentation will help you better understand the legal requirements around accessibility and what you can do to make your instruction more accessible to all students. We will review teaching principles that will help you to meet those requirements while enhancing your instruction for everyone to create a more inclusive classroom. 

  • Kimberly Snow, Clinical Instructor, Special Education and Rehabilitation Department

Currently in the year 2015 more students with disabilities are attending college than ever before.  It is our responsibility as instructors to teach all students and help them learn the topics we are so passionate about.  It may be easier than we had thought if we are proactive with our lecture preparations.  Begin now to find ways to provide an inclusive education that will benefit ALL students. This presentation will address experiences one university lecturer has had with educating students with a variety of disabilities in her courses.

  • David Pruden, Director, Disability Resource Center

When instructors create accessible course materials all students benefit.  This presentation will introduce simple steps instructors can take to create materials that are accessible and usable for all students.  Accessibility features in Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, and other software packages will be briefly demonstrated.

IVC Rooms (Coming soon)

  • Brigham - 166
  • Blanding - Large Conference Rm.
  • Ephraim Snow - West-A
  • Kaysville - 118
  • Moab - R
  • Orem - C
  • Price - RV-128
  • Roosevelt - SC130
  • SLC - GEC-507
  • Tooele - 168
  • Vernal - B133

Empowering Teaching Excellence, Foundations of USU Teaching

Jan. 6, 2016, 10:00am - 4:00pm, Logan Campus

The Foundations of USU Teaching event is for new instructors and covers introductory topics such as USU student demographics, syllabus development, course evaluation preparation, principles of effective teaching, and technical skills for working in Canvas or IVC. It will also provide opportunities for mentorship with veteran teachers from each college. 

Click here for more information and registration details

Past Events Archives

Past Empowering events have been recorded and are available for viewing. Click the links below to see what has already been shared.

Faculty Seminar Series

Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference

The Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference occurs every August as teachers from the regional campuses, Eastern campuses, and Logan campus gather for departmental retreats. All instructors at USU are invited.